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Let's find your new career

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Life and Career Coach | Bunbury

Am I the life and career coach you need?

Trapped in one of these sticky places? I’ll help you get unstuck.


You're desperate to quit

You're desperate to quit

You’re dragging yourself to work, wishing you were somewhere that inspired you.

You're not getting hired

You're not getting hired

You’re applying for jobs, but you can’t get an interview, OR you’re falling at the interview hurdle.

You're wondering if...

You're wondering if...

You’ve got what it takes to start your own business or turn your hobby into one hell of a great career.

Success stories

About contented career change clients

A complete career change

A complete career change

3 sessions of life and career coaching helped an exhausted, disillusioned travel agent transition into a self-employed career in real estate.

A fresh start in a new country

A fresh start in a new country

3 sessions of interview skills coaching helped a highly qualified, trilingual scientist land a job she loves with an employer who shares her values.

A sideways shift, a sweeter life

A sideways shift, a sweeter life

Career coaching helped a veteran builder get off the tools and into a job that honoured his skills and gave him back to his family.

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Karina's coaching is bloody awesome

“Karina thinks outside the box. She was exactly the right coach for me. After 30 self-employed years in the construction industry, I needed someone to give me a bit of a shove and help me think laterally. Karina did this politely but firmly.


I was pretty down and wondering what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I needed to talk to someone outside my circle of family and friends.


Working with Karina got me thinking differently. Where DO my skills lie? What can I take to a new career? She helped me broaden my horizons.


Now I’m enjoying a new career, one I’d never have imagined without Karina’s coaching. I’m using some of my established skills and learning new ones. It turns out I’m one of the most experienced fitters on our team, and that’s not something I’d expected. Besides being a great match for my expertise and experience, my new career has given me back truckloads of family time.


I highly recommend Karina.


Matthew MacMillan, Career coaching client

Karina - KD Coaching

Hi, I’m Karina

I spent 25 years putting the ‘human’ in human resources. Am I good at helping humans into jobs that fit them like a glove? Absolutely!

Have I fallen out of love with work I once loved or been stuck in a soul-sucking job I was scared to leave? Yep, I’ve been there.

How did I get into life and career coaching? I did deep research to find high-integrity training. The Life Coaching Academy ticked that box.

Their International Coaching Federation accredited program matched my ‘get stuck in and get it sorted’ style of doing and being

How do I spend my weekends? Covered in dirt and dust shooting photos of off-road racing cars.

Curious about life and career coaching?

Here’s what we’ll do

Book your call

Start with a free 20- minute discovery call

You tell me what you’d love to change and why now is the time to do that.

I’ll explain how I work and what to expect from my coaching.

We see if we’re a good fit as coach and client.

Choose your package

Choose a coaching package

You decide which of my 3 coaching packages is the best fit for you.

I’ll adapt the pace and content of your sessions to reflect your needs and progress.

If you want or need to do things differently, just ask.

Get clear and get cracking

Get clear, and get cracking

We figure out your way forward.

You’ll work through a thoroughly tested, well-structured program of exercises and projects to find career ideas. Then you test them in the real world to discover what’s right for you.

Life and career coaching FAQ

How will I know if you're the right coach for me?

Let’s find out! A free 20-minute phone chat will tell us if we’re a good fit as coach and client. You tell me about your goals and your expectations around coaching. I’ll tell you how I work and outline what you can expect to achieve by working with me.
Email me to book your chat.


How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different. The number of sessions you’ll need will depend on:

  • Your goals
  • Your coaching package
  • Your pace and progress

Typically, clients coming to me for job application and interview coaching have two or three sessions. Career change clients have between eight and ten sessions.

What will I pay?

I offer three career coaching packages with the following costs:

The Nautilus Package  ideal for ace procrastinators and people who need a nudge to get unstuck $450

The Compass package  ideal for people feeling unfulfilled and undervalued
at work and looking for a new career  $1300

The Deep Dive Package, ideal for exhausted, stressed-out humans, prioritise everything except taking care of themselves $1900

I charge $175  per hour for individual sessions. If you’d prefer a customised coaching package, we can discuss that.

View packages details
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Will you assess my skills and advise me on suitable careers?

No. I’m not a Career Counsellor or Career Adviser.  Come to me for career coaching, and we’ll work through a structured brainstorming and discovery process so you can:

  • Get clear about what you do and don’t love to do
  • Identify your skills and look at a broad spectrum of ways you might apply them
  • Explore ways to turn ideas and activities that you’re passionate about into sustainable careers

As your career coach, I’ll never tell you what to do. I’m here to help you generate ideas, explore possibilities, cheer you on, and keep you accountable. Ultimately though, only you who can decide what’s right for you.

Where do you coach?

I live in Bunbury in Western Australia. But I coach clients from everywhere via Zoom or by telephone.

Need help figuring out what’s next in life and work?

KD Coaching

Savvy, kind life and career coaching with a side serve of serious fun.

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