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About Karina

Flying starts and fab finishes for career changers in Bunbury and beyond.

About Karina

Curious career changer

When asthma ruined my plan to become a marine biologist, I made two career decisions. I’d give whatever came my way a red hot go to see where it led. And I’d make a difference in any job and leave it better than I found it.

Then I travelled and gave my all to the whole gamut of jobs that travelers do to fund their next adventure. I worked in bars. I scooped ice cream, and I sold fish and chips. Whatever I did, I worked at making that job more fun, more efficient, and easier to do.

Eventually, I came home and ‘got (sort of) serious’ about finding a career. I stayed curious, and conscientious, and adaptable and launched a great career in media. In nine super satisfying years at Golden West Network (GWN), I went from News Director’s Secretary to TV Program Producer.

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes us tick in and outside our work. To find new ways to satisfy my curiosity and make a difference, I morphed out of my media role and into a twenty-five-year career in human resources and training.

Now, life and career coaching give me the scope and the freedom to apply everything I’ve learned as a curious, adaptable career changer to helping clients live their best personal and professional lives 

Top tip

Ask your life and career coach about their career evolution. Look for someone whose experience equips them to help you venture out of your comfort zone. Activate your career change curiosity, and you’ll be drawn to people, places, and work possibilities that spark you up and sit well with your values.

Connected, resourceful, humane

Connected, resourceful, humane

I’ve a knack for unravelling knotty problems and decades of experience helping people solve their career dilemmas.

As a Human Resource Manager and Workplace Trainer, I spent twenty-five super satisfying years:

  • Supporting people to make fresh starts after their lives were devastated by redundancy
  • Helping humans stuck in soul-sucking jobs transition into work they loved
  • Upskilling dozens of small business owners to work successfully on as well as in their businesses
  • Training entire teams to work more harmoniously and productively

I also built deep business and community networks across the southwest region.

Top Tip

Work with a career coach who knows your patch. I know the southwest job market inside out, and I keep my finger firmly on its pulse. Wherever you’re at and whatever your career aspirations, I’ll help you figure out and follow your top local options.

Dust covered woman

Dust covered camerawoman

When my partner suggested I help him photograph motorsports, I was keen but scared. He’s an ace photographer and a motorsports expert. What value could a novice like me add to what he already does brilliantly? And worse still, what if I was crap behind the camera?

Turns out I take pretty good pics. What’s more, I love everything about capturing the colour and rush of off-road racing.

Pick a coach who’s up for a challenge and good at giving Comparisonitis the flick. They’ll come equipped to help you face down your fears. 

All the cred


Certified Professional Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner The Life Coaching Academy


Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training Jobs South West Bunbury

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