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KD Coaching believes in supporting individuals at every stage of their journey. Our comprehensive courses are designed to guide you through career transitions, plan for a fulfilling retirement, and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

Retire Your Way

Transition to retirement with a plan

Don’t stop at financially planning for your future.

There is a whole lot more to life that needs to be taken care of.

Who does ‘Retire Your Way’ suit?

If you are:

  • Approaching mid or late career and wondering how to start transitioning into a satisfying new career and lifestyle, before retirement
  • Facing retirement and starting to feel a bit anxious or overwhelmed by what’s next
  • Started your retirement years but are at risk of being bored, not having a purpose or direction, or worried that you may be seen as ‘past-your-use-by-date’
  • Wanting to avoid losing your spark, becoming a couch potato or slipping into physical mental decline

We are all different and will travel a unique journey into retirement. The ‘Retire Your Way’ program is deliberately flexible to adapt to individual needs and stages of career and life transition. Over 6-weeks, we will touch on the many aspects that impact on your life at work, your career or vocation, and life after work.

Retire Your Way Course

Don’t just fall head-long into retirement

Create the exit strategy YOU WANT and do it YOUR WAY!

Life after work should be exciting and fulfilling, not a slow decline!

Lose the doubt and confusion surrounding retirement and instead, discover what will light you up each day and how you are going to achieve it.

$895 for the full 6-week course

The ‘Retire Your Way’ course offers 1:1 coaching and support sessions to help you discover, question, plan and create a life that is truly meaningful to you beyond today.

Are YOU ready to take the first step in planning a retirement that is uniquely yours?

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Meet Karina, your coach

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes us tick in and outside our work. I’ve spent 25 plus years in human resource management, recruitment, redundancy support and career planning. Coaching gives me the scope and the freedom to apply everything I’ve learned as a curious, adaptable career changer to help clients live their best personal and professional lives.

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Karina - KD Coaching

Karina Donohoe

Career, Life & Retirement Coach

Why you will love working with Karina

 “Karina thinks outside the box. She was exactly the right coach for me. After 30 self-employed years in the construction industry. I needed someone to give me a bit of a shove and help me think laterally. Karina did this politely but firmly.” – Matt

” What a timely and wonderful decision it was to engage Karina as my transition to retirement coach! After initially being somewhat apprehensive and daunted about the prospect of retirement, Karina completely changed my mindset. I now have a plan and am quite excited about transitioning to the next stage of my life. Thank you Karina, you are a champ!” – Cornelius

“I’d been in a fabulous job for over ten years, but I didn’t have an exit strategy. I knew I wanted other things in life… Karina’s coaching gave me clarity, confidence, optimism and some great tools for managing change at work and life.” – Mandy

KD Coaching

Savvy, kind life and career coaching with a side serve of serious fun.

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