Congratulations!  Your timing is perfect.

You’ve rocked up here, so chances are you’re looking to change something. Your career, maybe? Or some other aspect of your life that’s not working.

Are ‘change that thing I hate’ or ‘Start that thing I keep putting off’  recurring items on your  ‘to do’ list? Think about adding ‘Book a free chat with Karina,’ that would be me.

How I help life and career changers

If you’re trapped in any of these sticky places, I help you get unstuck:

  • You’ve had 10 plus knockbacks for jobs you would have loved (or loathed), and you’re still sending the same CV or stumbling through interviews. Let’s break that cycle of soul-sucking self-sabotage and start pitching you perfectly for jobs that fit you like a glove.
  • You’re doing an OK job outwardly. Inwardly you’re dying. Let’s figure out what fulfilling work looks like for you. Then we’ll find a safe way for you to move into a career that pays your bills AND brings you joy.
  • You’ve got a dream project, a great big hairy goal, a gnarly, negative thing you do that’s holding you back, a knack for not getting going. Let’s sort out what’s not serving you well in life and work. We’ll make a cunning plan,( yep I’m a Blackadder tragic). Then use it to make a smashing success of that thing that matters most.

Wondering if I’ll really ‘get’ you? I ‘get’ you. Why? All of those places listed above, I’ve been there.  And then there’s this.

Who I am

A marvellously ‘misspent youth’ doing all the crazy jobs kids do to buy a plane ticket to the next adventure. I’ll help you get curious and adaptable whatever your age.

9 years working in TV taught me how to produce and deliver content audiences loved. I’ll show you how to package and present yourself to the people you want to impress.

25 years in human resources taught me how to place people in meaningful jobs that matched their skills and met their aspirations. I’ll apply every ounce of my experience and energy to doing that for you.

More about me

How I got here

‘I built my business all by myself,’ said no honest human ever. All successful ventures feed on the love and support of a crew of skilful, generous others. I’m grateful to everyone listed below for helping add flesh and form to KD Coaching’s bones:

  • Bosses, colleagues, and teammates in every grand or gritty job I’ve ever done. You all taught me something about the messy, magnificent business of being a working human
  • Family and friends who’ve boosted my confidence and kept me buoyant in stormy moments. To my partner, Andrew, biggest of big love for your unwavering faith in me even though it sometimes scares me witless.
  • My two sparkly digital divas, Jules Rick, design and development ace at Web and Print Hub, and Mary Cameron, aka The Wrinkly Writer. Ladies, you’ve captured the essence of KD Coaching here, and on my social media, I couldn’t recommend you more highly.

Finally, huge thanks to everyone who’s trusted me to be a part of their career and life journeys so far. I’m proud of your awesome results. And to all the courageous career and life changers I’m yet to have the pleasure of meeting. It will be my pleasure privilege to accompany you on your journey.

Wondering how I work? I coach with kindness and humour, and heaps of well-grounded expertise.

Have a question? Check my FAQ, Have a squizz at my coaching packages, or get in touch.